Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hello dear reader,
    I am so sorry for the mostly empty blog page. Bare with me, I'm new at this. My professionalism will come with time. Time being of the essense. Essense of what, I do not know. Hense the title; Useless Dribble. Har-Har . all honesty I would like the uselessness of my dribble to mean something, light a spark, be identified with or even make someone mad! I don't know about you but I have alot of concerns with what's going on in the world we live in. And alot of frustration that goes along with it! This is why the thought of writting a blog came into fruitation. I am but a very small person (although crazy : 0) in a very big world with a VERY low income, poor health and lots of frustrations concerning the before mentioned items plus+  many others.
     I fiqure if I write about them maybe they won't feel as frustrating as they do and I won't worry about them as much as I do. Worring is such a useless art. It's like rocking in a chair, it gives you something to do but gets you no where fast. Am I not right? huh? go ahead give me some feedback.! : )    
    Seriously ,being a person on total disability w/30+ confirmed diagnoses's, a total income of a little over $5000.00 a year and divorced causes alot of the  F word. (Now now, I didn't say that, this is a family,friendly oriented blog ) And that is just the tip of of the berg of ice. (Yes, I also have a disability called warped sense of humor.)  OHHHHH I could go on and on, which is exactly what it looks like I'm doing. So I would say it is time to end this particular blog. I only intended to write a few words of appology for not writting anything and look what happened! Oh well that is why I created this USELESS DRIBBLE blog spot.
      Thank You reader, Until next time,
        Thema (not related to louise : )